Academic Services

Academic Services
Supporting and serving schools to ensure student success

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which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela

The mission of Academic & Support Services is to support and serve schools to ensure student success. This is accomplished through the alignment of student information, curriculum and instructional resources, evaluation and testing, student and family services and school support.

Dr. Jeff Spiro
Chief of Academic Services
Main office: 239-337-8308

Resources and Information

Accountability, Assessment and Research

Oversees the administration and reporting of all state assessments as well as other District assessments.

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Adult and Career Education

Oversees the GED testing, ESOL classes, Lifelong Learning classes and middle/high career academies.

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Early Childhood Learning Services

Programs for families with young preschool children

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English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Assist students in the acquisition of the English language, to ensure that instruction is comprehensible.

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Exceptional Student Education

Services and programs available to meet individual needs of students requiring special education.

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Fine and Performing Arts

Programs specializing in arts like dance, music, visual arts and theater.

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Grants and Program Development

Supports teachers and schools with obtaining grants and implementation

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Health Services

District policies and procedures promoting a healthy, safe, and nurturing school environment.

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Intervention Programs

Programs to improve teaching and learning in schools with the highest concentrations of poverty.

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Psychological and Social Work Services

Link between home and school specializing in homless, forster care and school attendance issues.

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School Counseling Services

helping students with college and career readiness, financial aid, scholarships, parent/student supoprt.

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Student Enrollment

Selecting a school for your child with an open-enrollment system.

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Teaching and Learning

Information about our special programs like dual enrollment to curriculm taught in our schools

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