Exceptional Student Education

Exceptional Student Education

Our Main Department Number: 239-337-8104
Fax: 239-337-8653

Theresa Bowen

Maria Frisina
Secretary to Director

Susan Ellinger
(239) 337-8335
Assistant Director

Scott Kozlowski
(239) 337-8287
Assistant Director

Amy Bartlett
(239) 337-8295
ESE Coordinator for High Schools, Alternative Assessment and Transition

Amy Burke
(239) 337-8326
ESE Coordinator for West Zone Elementary, Extended School Year and Virtual School

Jodi Chalmers
(239) 337-8501
ESE Coordinator for Gifted Eligibility, East Zone Elementary and Royal Palm

Danielle Cwikla
(239) 337-8117
ESE Coordinator for Program Development and Pre-School Assessment

Dr. Deidre Phillips
(239) 337-8127
FDLRS Manager and Charter School Contact

Kristin Sinclair
(239) 337-1577
ESE Coordinator; Student Enrollment

Amanda Weinrich
(239) 939-6862
ESE Coordinator for Middle Schools and South Zone Elementary Schools

Lori Witt
(239) 337-8367
ESE Coordinator for Related Services (Speech and Language, OT, PT), Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Audiology

Through the Exceptional Student Education Department, the District offers a free and appropriate public education in compliance with the federally mandated Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act of 2004 (IDEA). A continuum of services and programs is available to meet the individual needs of students requiring special education, ages 3 through 21. Services and related services are provided per an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and are based on each child’s unique needs, as related to present levels of academic achievement and functional performance. Special education services are provided in all of the three attendance zones – East, West and South. With the exception of very specialized low-incidence programs, students will attend a school within the geographical school attendance zone of residence.