Accountability, Assessment and Research

Joy Marks
Director: Accountability, Assessment, and Research

In support of the district mission "to allow each student to reach his or her highest potential" the Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Research serves as the liaison for State Accountability Systems, such as Florida School Grades and the Value-Added Model (VAM), and provides services which enhance the quality of educational decisions made throughout the school system.

Key Responsibilities

  • Comply with federal and state accountability requirements
  • Provide district and school level training and support
  • Lead the development, communication, and review of district and state VAM
  • Facilitate the development of and revision to the School Board policies and district processes

The Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Research is responsible for overseeing the administration and reporting of all state assessments such as the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking (FAST), Benchmarks of Excellent Student Thinking (BEST), Florida Standards Assessments (FSA), Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT), the Florida Kindergarten Readiness Screener (FLKRS), as well as, other District assessments including STAR Reading and Common Course Exams (CCEs). These assessment systems monitor student achievement and are built into the School Improvement Plan process as well as the Strategic Planning process. Our department provides assistance with analysis of achievement trends and other District data. The data are used primarily to monitor the progress of students, schools and the District as a whole.

The Office of Accountability, Assessment, and Research also facilitates the process for reviewing requests for conducting research within the District.


Does your student attend private school, possibly with a state-funded scholarship (McKay, Hope, or Gardiner)?  Are you interested in having your private school student take the FSA assessment?  Please contact 239-335-1438 for more information.   

If your student attends Florida Virtual School, please contact Florida Virtual School for FSA questions. If your student receives Home School Education, please consult Home Education Testing and Assessments web page. For all other students, please contact your student's school of enrollment.