Grants and Program Development

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Fax Number: (239) 337-8594

Department Information

Why We're Here

The Department of Grants and Program Development is dedicated to supporting the District Strategic Plan and schools as they implement District plans and other initiatives pertaining to teachers and student achievement. Moreover, the Department works to support District values of quality and stewardship.

What We Do

The Department works in distinct but related areas of district and school support including (1) grant acquisition  (2) program development 3) resource development 4) charter school development. Since each of these areas requires up-to-date educational research and a rich variety of on-line and traditional resource materials, the Department maintains this site for use by all educators.

Our District Mission

Our Department works toward our District Vision of being a world-Class school system. We work to obtain grant funding, support high-quality grant program implementation and management within appropriate legal and policy frameworks, and provide developmental and research services related to new and ongoing initiatives.  

Our District Vision

Our Department is committed to our District Mission of ensuring that each student achieves his/her highest personal potential. We work with schools, departments, funders, and partners as a collaborative learning community informed by scholarship, supported by ample funding and community support, committed to innovation, and dedicated to meeting the needs of students.