English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Department Leaders

Sohira Sarmiento
Director, (239) 337-8619

Dr. Carlos Negron
Coordinator, (239) 337-8339


Administrative Assistant

Ana Medina Da Rocha (239) 337-8606


ESOL Specialists

ESOL Compliance Specialists


The goals of the ESOL program in Lee County are designed to assist students in the acquisition of the English language, to ensure that instruction is comprehensible, and to maintain or increase academic skills in all subject areas. All of the educational programs for ELL students are equal in amount, sequence, and scope to the instruction provided to non ELL students at the same grade level. Instruction is supported through the use of ESOL instructional strategies. Curriculum, textbooks, and other instructional materials are comparable to those used by non ELL students.