Change for Change

We are thrilled to share with you that Lee County voters gave the children in our community a huge vote of confidence.

We want to thank you for your support of the half cent investment in education which will help pay for new schools, renovation and maintenance, technology upgrades and enhancements to campus safety and security.

If you have not seen it, you can find the project list for each school on the School by School Project List page.

This is an exciting time in Lee County and thanks to you, and our community, we are able to continue pursuing our mission of helping every child reach his or her highest potential.

Thank you!

Change for Change
Fact 1: Improvements in Student Achievements
Fact 2: Job Opportunities and a Better Educated Workforce
Economic Health of the Community Workforce
Fact 4: Better Prepared for Natural Disasters

A successful, high quality public education system is a major driver of economic development. Research shows that education may be THE most important single economic driver in a community, promoting higher incomes, better jobs, and healthy growth. Quality public schools increase property values, and economic health of a community. Businesses, professionals, and highly skilled workers relocate to communities based on the merits of the school system, both for their children and for future employees. A high quality school system benefits everyone's bottom line.

Capital vs. Operational: What's the difference?Capital vs. Operational: What's the difference?

The capital budget is separate from the District's General Budget or also known as Operational Funds.

How did we get here?How did we get here?

The budget of the School District of Lee County is prepared in accordance with the requirements of Florida State Statutes.

How will the money be spent?How will the money be spent?

Complete list of projects that will need to be completed as well as information about the oversight committee.

Why a Sales Tax? Why a Sales Tax?

Borrowing More Money, Impact Fees, General Obligation Bond, Property Tax Increase, Reduce Spending

Fact vs. Myth
Frequently asked questions answered as well as dispelling myths with the Sales Tax Initiative

One-Half Cent Will Fund

  • Two New Elementary and Middle Schools 
  • One New High School
  • Rebuild an Elementary and Middle School
  • Camera System for Schools
  • Hearing Impaired Lockdown Lights
  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • and more! Visit Our Project List

Financial Audits Achievement Empowered by Accountability: Financial Audit Information

One-Half Cent Cannot Fund

  • Salaries and Benefits for Faculty and Staff
  • Materials and Supplies for Classrooms
  • Training Costs for Faculty and Staff
  • Administrator Salaries and Benefits
  • District Services
  • School Services
  • Administrative Technology
  • Charter School Buildings, Repairs, or Improvements

A family of four
with an income
of $50,000 will pay

$64 per year

School District of Lee County, Florida
Referendum Election


Shall a half-cent per dollar sales surtax be levied by The School Board to fund the construction of new schools, reconstruction and renovation of existing schools, acquisition of equipment, including safety and security equipment and technology for a 10 year period beginning January 1, 2019, with oversight by an independent citizens’ committee? Proceeds of the surtax will be used to fund the acquisition, construction, renovation, equipping and financing of public school facilities and technology.


Capital funds are critical in providing secure, technologically advanced and well-maintained facilities, where we can provide a state-of-the-art education.

How Does Capital Help Kids?

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