Fast Facts

Schools (2018/19)

Elementary Schools
Middle Schools
High Schools
Special Education Centers & Vocational / Technical Colleges
K - 8th Grade Schools
Number of "Traditional" Schools
Charter Schools
Total Number of Schools


Student Enrollment (2018/19)*

Total Enrollment

*Information Based on Cycle 2 (October 2018) Enrollment Count and Includes Charter Schools

Budget (2018/19)

$1.485 billion
Total Budget Includes:
General Fund
$895.2 million
Capital Fund
$261.1 million
Internal Services
$132.7 million
Special Revenue
$57.9 million
Food Services
$71.9 million
Debt Service
$65.9 million


Budget Summary (With Complete Dollar Amounts)

Teacher Salary Schedule

Master's Degree Stipend
Specialist's Degree Stipend
Doctorate Stipend
  • The average school teacher salary in 2018-2019 with benefits is $67,965 for a 196 day, 7.60 hour/day contract.

Interesting Facts

What does it cost to run the District?

The cost per day, to run the School District of Lee County is approximately $3.9 million.

Funding for Growth

What is the current Graduation Rate?

The latest figures show the Graduation Rate at 82.6% (December 2018).

How much scholarship money was awarded to Lee County Students?

2018 graduates from the School District of Lee County earned over $54 million in scholarship monies to attend colleges and universities across america.

What's the total square footage under roof used by the District?

The total amount of square footage under roof is approximately 13.2 million square feet.

What is the range of languages and countries represented by LCPS students?

Our students represent 154 countries and speak approximately 134 different languages. As of September 2018, 37,980 students live in a home where English is not the primary language.

How many employees work for the District?

Lee County Public Schools is one of the county's largest employers. There are over 11,500 full- and part-time employees. - of those, approximately 5,500 are teachers.

How many school buses does the District have?

There are approximately 730 buses on daily routes.

How many miles do the buses drive and how many students are transported?

Our buses travel about 69,786 miles a day, taking approximately 52,331 students to and from school. That is over 13 million miles per year!

How many computers are being used in the District and the number of servers?

There are approximately 123,014 computers in the District with 102 sites networked and 785 servers.

How many meals do school cafeterias serve to students?

On a daily basis, average of 33,000 breakfasts and 62,000 lunches are served per day in our schools. That totals more than 11 million meals in a year! The most popular items are Chicken Nuggets & Chicken Tenders!

How many volunteers does the District have?

The latest figures show nearly 14,667 volunteers worked in our District per year. They logged approximately 277,101 hours per year.