Business Services

Business Services
Meeting state and federal mandates while focusing on education

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pays the best interest - Benjamin Franklin

Budgeting for and delivery of a high quality educational program remains the primary focus for the School District of Lee County. The budget will support the education of over 94,000 students representing 159 countries and 98 different languages. The diversity of our student population demands a budget that supports the creativity and dedication of all school district employees that strive every day to make the District a world class school system.

Susan Malay,
Executive Director
Main office: 239-337-8180

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Plans, coordinates, and supervises the preparation of the District's annual budget and monitors during fiscal year

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Financial Accounting and Property Records

Payments to vendors, manages cash investments, records revenue, reconciles bank statements

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Food and Nutrition Services

Provide nutritious meals that nourish children, enhancing their readiness to learn

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Internal Audit

Assure internal fund compliance with School Board rules and State Statutes

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Provide Payroll Services in an accurate and timely manner for all employees of the School District of Lee County

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Procurement Services

Purchase the highest quality goods and services at the best value, protecting the integrity of district funds and adhering to policies and procedures

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