Online Auctions (

Online Government Surplus Auctions ( is a surplus auction site that allows government agencies to sell like new and used items to community members. The revenue generated from sales of obsolete equipment is allocated to funding increases in teacher and support staff compensation. For questions email GovDeals Email Address

Handling Surplus Equipment

Equipment in a functional state and good physical condition is cleaned and reconditioned for:

  • Reuse in another capacity. For example, computers that are being removed from general use may be modified and reused as special-purpose kiosk devices, time clocks or other purposes for which the devices are well-suited.
  • Donation to non-profit organizations and District charter schools.
  • Donation to programs for students in partnership with The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools.
  • Sold at auction to return revenue to The District.

Non-functioning equipment, equipment with physical damage, or equipment with no residual value to the district is then:

  • Stripped of components to be used as spare repair parts to extend the life of other (out of warranty) equipment in the schools.
  • Used by our secondary and post-secondary schools as tear-down equipment for technical programs such as CompTIA certification programs.
  • Stripped for materials for reuse. For example, the engineering students at Dunbar High School remove precious metals, motors, power supplies, and other components for use in engineering projects.

All electronic devices contain hazardous material that cannot be reintroduced into the environment via landfill or incinerator disposal. Items that have no practical reuse or residual / resale value are recycled through an licensed electronic recycling facility.