Hurricane Ian Updates

Hurricane Ian Updates
Our Vision is to be a World Class School System

Water and Food distribution at LCPEC

Nine Safety Criteria

  1. Reliable power: A school must have consistent electricity to operate the entire campus.
  2. Potable water: A school must have a safe supply of drinking water.
  3. Professional assessment: A building professional must assess the school buildings and determine them safe to occupy. Any safety concerns must be mitigated or resolved.
  4. Leak secure: School windows and roofs must be able to prevent a severe intrusion of water.
  5. Working air conditioning: A school must have an assessed and operating HVAC system.
  6. Functioning fire alarm and intercom: A school must be able to activate its fire alarm and school intercom in case of an emergency.
  7. Indoor air quality: A school must have the air quality assessed by an industrial hygienist.
  8. Debris cleaned up: A school must have storm debris either removed or stored in a safe and secure location.
  9. Ability to serve food: A school must be able to provide students with grab and go meals.