High School Students

Completing High School

If the high school student remains in the home education program for the duration of his / her high school years, he / she will not receive a high school diploma from the Lee County School District.

Option 1

Affidavit of Home Education Program Completion

Resources for Home Education Program Completion

Option 2


  • Homeschool student is withdrawn from Home School to pursue GED.
  • Any student aged 16-17 MUST take part in preparation courses.
  • Any student 18 years or older may pursue GED subject-area tests as needed.
  • Once all 4 subject areas tests are passed, the student is issued a GED Official Transcript and the State of Florida Diploma.
  • More information: Adult Education Class Scheduling or GED Ready
  • More information: Beacon Of HOPE GED Prep

Florida Standard Diploma Requirements: Graduation requirements are specific to the year in which a student enters grade nine NOT the year the student expects to complete high school.

Standard Diploma Concordant and Comparative Passing Scores: Rule 6A-1.09422 effective June 28, 2018.

Student Progression Plan and Secondary Course Catalog 2020-2021: General information pertaining to The School District of Lee County’s elementary, middle, and high school students including rules, processes, and procedures which affect student promotion, retention, and graduation.

The Ten Best Ways to Get Free College Classes in 2020

State University System of Florida: Explore Florida’s public universities. General information pertaining to planning for college, admission requirements, tuition, etc.

Dual Enrollment Opportunities

Home education students may enroll directly with a postsecondary institution pursuant to Section 1007.271(10)(a), F.S. The School District of Lee County’s Home Education Program holds an articulation agreement with the following Lee County institutions:Cape Coral Technical CollegeFort Myers Technical CollegeFlorida Southwestern State College, Florida Gulf Coast University. Interested homeschool students must adhere to institution-specific qualifications as well as compliance with Florida Statute 1002.41.

State Scholarship & Grant Programs: The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program established lottery-funded scholarships to reward Florida high school graduates for high academic achievement. During the spring of the student's grade 12 school year, the Home Education Department will confirm their home education program enrollment for two prior years (traditionally grade 11 and 12) and submit the student's total volunteer hours. The Home Education Department does not submit student official transcripts or SAT/ACT scores; work with a college/university for an official transcript and SAT/ACT submission. Consult the Bright Futures Student Handbook for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

Students seeking volunteer opportunities may consider the following:

Live UnitedEmail or check out the website for volunteer opportunities: [email protected] or [email protected]

The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools, Inc – Educational Resource CenterCall or check out the website for volunteer opportunities: 239-337-0433

Midwest Food BankCheck out the website for volunteer opportunities.

Lee County LibraryCheck out the website for volunteer opportunities.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Volunteering Opportunities

There are volunteering opportunities at our U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, based out of W.P. Franklin South Recreation Area in Alva. As a Park Ranger, I am reaching out because we have a community engagement opportunity and are searching for individuals that may be interested in volunteering to assist us with an exciting project!

Engineering with Nature is an initiative of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, where we seek to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits through collaborative processes. Through this initiative, we have devised a reforestation plan where 8 acres of W.P. Franklin South’s large, grassy fields will be converted into a Florida native species, Hardwood Hammock ecosystem with an ephemeral wetland. This project has the opportunity to provide an important recreational and educational habitat in a region that is rapidly losing natural habitat due to development.

We are looking for individuals and groups throughout the community that would like to participate in creating this green space and helping to plant trees, shrubs, and other Florida native vegetation.

Our Engineering with Nature Planting Day is fast approaching and will be held on National Public Land’s Day, Saturday, September 24th.  We are still in need of more volunteers to help this project be a success so please feel free to bring family and friends.  This is a great opportunity for any students in need of community service or volunteer hours and any of us park rangers will gladly sign off on the volunteer hours!

Please let us know if you are interested in participating, and how many volunteers we can expect to join us. This is a great chance for students to gain volunteer hours, whether it be to graduate or to help with service hours when applying to college.

We look forward to being able to work with the community towards a greater good!

Thank you for your time,
Megan L. Meyer
Natural Resources Specialist-Park Ranger
W.P. Franklin Visitor Center
US Army Corps of Engineers

Jacksonville District
Office: 239-694-2582