What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a relatively new type of computer that combines simplicity, speed, security and very long battery life at an affordable price.

Long battery life is one of the Chromebook’s best features, allowing students to utilize the device through an entire school day without having to plug it in.

Receiving Your Chromebook

Chromebooks will be distributed to students within the first few weeks of the school year. The student Chromebook package includes

  • Dell Chromebook
  • Power Cord
  • Protective Sleeve

Receipt and use of the Chromebook is a requirement for all students. With teacher permission, students may also utilize personal devices, such as cellular phones and tablets to supplement the tools provided on the Chromebook.

Taking Care of Your Chromebook

Your Dell Chromebook is a durable device. It is designed specifically for student use that features rubberized edges for shock resistance, a reinforced frame and spill-resistant keyboard. Even with these features, you must take good care of the device. The device is your responsibility.

Use the protective sleeve

Keep your Chromebook in its protective sleeve when not being used or charged. If you carry a backpack or bookbag, the sleeve should fit nicely inside. When you are done using it, simply slip it into the sleeve that is already inside your backpack and zip it closed.

IMPORTANT: Do not keep your Chromebook in the sleeve while it is plugged into an electrical outlet.

Protect Our Asset Tags

Chromebooks may have two School District asset tags and one or more manufacturer’s labels. Please leave the labels intact and visible.

Put Your Name on Your Chromebook

All of our devices look the same. Add a small label with your name on the bottom of your Chromebook so you can quickly identify your device. Other than your name, your Chromebook should be free of writing and stickers.

Keep Food & Drinks Away

Spilling food or drink inside of the device can ruin the device. Keep food and drinks away while your Chromebook is out.

Cleaning Your Chromebook

Your Chromebook will get dirty. Use a damp cloth to wipe it down. Use a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen. Avoid chemical cleaners as they may damage the screen or plastic.

Charging Your Chromebook

Only use the power supply provided with your Chromebook or purchased from your school store to charge your Chromebook.

Be sure to charge it in a place where someone is not likely to trip over the cord or cause the device to be pulled to the ground.

Using Your Chromebook at School

Arrive with Your Chromebook Charged

Part of being prepared for class includes having a charged Chromebook. If you forget your Chromebook, you may contact a parent to bring it to school. If a parent is unable to bring it to school, your school may provide you another way to access your work.

If you forget to charge your Chromebook, the school may provide a loaner power cord or another way to access your work.

Use Your Chromebook When Appropriate

Your teacher will decide when and how it is appropriate to utilize your Chromebook and personally-owned technology in class. The school will also identify Technology Free Zones, where your devices must be put away.

Be Polite - Use Headphones

Students are expected to use headphones or keep the sound on the Chromebooks muted at all times, as not to disrupt the class.

Using Your Chromebook Outside of School

Your Chromebook can be used anywhere you like. Your documents will be downloaded onto your device so that you can work on them without Internet access.

Connecting Your Chromebook to WiFi

You may connect your Chromebook to WiFi at home or anywhere else you may use it.

  1. Login to your Chromebook like you normally do at school.
  2. Click on the WiFi icon in the bottom-right of the page.
  3. Click your WiFi network.
  4. Enter your WiFi password.
  5. Once connected, open the Chrome browser. You will now be prompted to log into to the District’s proxy server.
  6. After you login,you will be asked if you would like to save your password. Doing so will eliminate the need to login to the proxy server in the future unless you change your password.

Safe Internet Browsing

Your Chromebook is configured for safe Internet browsing. We do our best to filter inappropriate content, even when you are not on your school
network. Parents should be aware that no filtering system is perfect, and we strongly urge parents to supervise student browsing. Students should also note that you must still follow The District’s Acceptable Use policy no matter where the Chromebook is used.

Your Chromebook Apps

Google Drive: Cloud Storage

Store all of your documents here and access them from any device, anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition to District Chromebooks, you can access your Google docs on any computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Google Docs: Word Processor

Similar to Microsoft Word. Docs automatically stores its documents in your Google drive. Like Drive, there are apps for your computer, iPads, Android tablet, and phones so that you can edit your documents anywhere.

Google Sheets: Spreadsheet

Similar to Microsoft Excel and can be accessed with any Internet enabled device.

Google Slides: Presentation Software

Similar to Microsoft PowerPoint and can be accessed with any Internet enabled device.

Google Classroom

Your classroom in the cloud. Teachers can easily distribute and collect assignments via the web.

Google Drawings

Drawing and diagram application.

Google Keep

Your virtual notebook that syncs data across all of your devices.

Installing Additional Apps

Most apps will be installed and updated for you automatically. On occasion, a teacher may ask you to install an app that is needed for a specific class. You can do so by clicking on the Web Store icon. You will only be able to install apps that have already been approved. Your teacher will tell you specifically which app has been approved and needs to be installed.

If Your Chromebook...


If your Chromebook is not functioning properly or is physically damaged, please:

  1. Notify your teacher.
  2. With your teacher’s permission, take the device to the designated area in your school, usually the media center, to swap out the device.
  3. Login with your District account and allow your apps and information to sync to the device.

If Lost or Stolen

You are responsible for the security and care of your Chromebook. You will be responsible to reimburse your school $358.40 for a lost or stolen Chromebook and $36.00 for a lost/stolen power adapter.

Lost/Stolen Device Procedure:

  1. Report the missing device to your teacher.
  2. With your teacher’s permission, visit the designated Chromebook distribution area in your school to get a replacement.
  3. Login with your District account and allow the apps and data to synchronize to the replacement device.
  4. Your school will contact you to pay for the lost/stolen device.

Returning Your Chromebook

Students must return Chromebooks, power supplies, and sleeves at the end of the school year, or when transferring out of a school. Chromebooks must be in good working order and free from physical damage. If you are missing any part of the Chromebook package, you will be assessed replacement fees for the items at the following rates:

  1. Chromebook Cost: $358.40
  2. Sleeve Cost: $17
  3. Power Supply: $36

If any of the items are physically damaged, you may be assessed a repair or replacement fee if not covered by existing warranties.