Orthopedic Devices

Guidelines for Use of Crutches and/or Orthopedic Devices at School

  • Physician's order for the use of crutches and/or orthopedic device
  • Diagnosis
  • Length of time for use of crutches and/or orthopedic device
  • Physician statement for no participation in P.E. or other sports
  • Accommodations for transportation
  • Athletic Trainers will write a note for use in school until student can be seen by medical professional

Students who require the use of crutches and/or orthopedic devices should report to the school nurse following injury or upon returning to school following a surgical procedure. When the student reports to the nurse, the nurse will review with the student crutch and/or orthopedic device usage within the school building. Safety will be stressed including stairs, hallways, and use of elevators.

Accommodations such as early classroom dismissal, assistance with books, and assistance in the hallways between each class will be assessed to determine need for each student requiring crutches and/or orthopedic device. Additional accommodations such as medication, elevation orders, and dress code alteration may be implemented based on need and physician/parent permission.