District Launches Small Business Program In Partnership with the Florida SBDC at FGCU

District Launches Small Business Program In Partnership with the Florida SBDC at FGCU
Posted on 02/22/2024
District Launches Small Business Program In Partnership with the Florida SBDC at FGCU

The School District of Lee County is excited to announce the launch of the Small Business Program to help small companies provide goods and services to the School District. In partnership with the Florida Small Business Center at Florida Gulf Coast University, the Small Business Program is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at empowering small businesses in our community to participate in active bids within the District’s $2 billion annual budget.

“The Small Business Program will give small companies a big opportunity to earn School District business,” said Chief Financial Officer Dr. Ami Desamours. “By partnering with the SBDC at FGCU we want to identify and then engage with smaller companies in our area that are not participating in our procurement process so they get involved. We need the services they offer and the products they sell. Our students, staff and schools will benefit as these businesses grow and thrive.”

To qualify for the Small Business Program, a company must have been in business for at least two years, have revenues less than $10 million and less than 20 employees. Key highlights of the Small Business Enterprise Program include:

  1. Fostering Small Business Participation: The School District of Lee County Small Business Program is designed to actively encourage and facilitate small business involvement in active solicitations. By breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity, the program aims to help small businesses thrive.

  2. High-Quality Goods and Services: Recognizing the essential role that small businesses play in delivering high-quality goods and services, the program aligns with the School District's primary focus of ensuring each child reaches their highest personal potential. By providing a platform for small businesses, the program aims to enhance the diversity and innovation in the goods and services offered to the School District of Lee County.

  3. Dedicated Support: The SBDC at FGCU is committed to assisting small businesses in navigating the procurement process and accessing the opportunities presented by the School District. The program believes in fostering growth and success for small enterprises and is dedicated to helping them maximize their potential. To further support the mission, the SBDC at FGCU is collaborating with the District to host the small business registration process, and informing the community of bidding opportunities.

“The School District of Lee County’s dedication to helping our small businesses grow and succeed is laudable,” said Dorian Z, Regional Director for the SBDC at Florida Gulf Coast University. “This program will increase awareness of the opportunities available in our community and help guide business owners throughout the entire contracting process. We're very excited for this initiative.”