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Make a difference. Be a substitute teacher.

Kelly® Education is proud to partner with the School District of Lee County to provide exceptional substitute teachers. We’re a company that invests in our employees, recognizes their achievements, and is committed to the noble purpose of educating our youth.

Substitute teaching offers meaningful work that directly gives back to our community and makes a positive difference in the lives of students every single day. We have limitless opportunities for passionate people to inspire and educate students. You’ll have the option to work in the schools of your choice, to take steady work five days a week, or to create a flexible schedule that works around your other life commitments.

Whether you’re new to teaching or a seasoned educator, our goal is to ensure you always have the skills you need to succeed in the classroom—starting with free pre-hire training, paid orientation, and our investment in your ongoing professional development.

As part of the agreement, the School Board of Lee County also raised the pay for guest teachers by a minimum of $2 an hour. The new pay rates are:

  • Less than Bachelor’s Degree- $127.50/day
  • Bachelor’s Degree or Higher- $165.00/day
  • Verified Retired Educator- $202.50/day
  • Guest Instructional Assistant- $15.00/hour

Remember that teacher who made a difference in your life? Now it’s your turn. Be a substitute teacher in the School District of Lee County.

Minimum Requirements:

- 18+ years of age
- High school diploma or GED

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