Inclusion Services

Out-of-Class Support


General education teachers and ESE teachers meet regularly to plan, implement and monitor instructional alternatives designed to ensure that the student with an exceptionality is successful in the general education classroom. All teachers providing support to students via consultation with the students’ general education teachers are required to maintain a record of the teachers, courses, and ESE students to whom they are providing services.

Content mastery or learning lab (“Limited pull-out”)

Direct content instruction is primarily provided by the general education teacher in a general education classroom. Individual support for students identified with exceptionalities is provided by ESE teachers in a content mastery or learning lab/resource setting when additional support is needed.

In-Class Support

Support Facilitation

An ESE teacher provides support for ESE students’ achievement in the general classroom. Support facilitators may work and move among two or more basic education classrooms working with the general education teachers and students identified with exceptionalities as needed. The frequency and intensity of support varies based upon students’ and/or general educators’ need for assistance.


A classroom in which two teachers, an ESE and a general education teacher, share responsibility for planning, delivering, and evaluating instruction for all students in a class, some of whom are ESE and some of whom are not. In order to be considered co-teaching, this delivery system is provided whenever a class/subject is taught by two teachers and must continue for the entire class period.