Strategic Planning and Accountability Advisory Committee

Strategic Planning and Accountability (SPA) Advisory Committee The Board will appoint fifteen members to the Committee. The School Board Chair shall select three members and each of the other six School Board Members shall select two members to be appointed by the Board. Each Board Member will make reasonable efforts to ensure that at least one of his/her appointees resides in that Member's residence area, at least one is a minority and that appointees have knowledge and skills pertinent to the committee. The Superintendent shall assign no more than three appropriate District staff as liaisons. The mission of the committee shall be to systematically review components of the District's Strategic Plan for the purpose of providing input to the School Board concerning the content and implementation of the Plan. The committee shall determine which component of the plan to review after receiving a recommendation from the Board member liaison and Committee Chair.

Secretary: TBD
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Staff Liaison: Dr. Kenneth Savage
Email Address: [email protected]
Contact Number: (239) 939-6388

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