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With a Focus Parent Portal account, parents will have access to important student information like report cards, grades, attendance, discipline referrals, and progress monitoring results. Parents will be able to access beginning of the year forms in Focus such as the Student Emergency and Health Information Form. In order for your child to receive medical care at our school clinics, parents/guardians must sign an opt-in form available in Focus.

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FOCUS Parent Portal - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FOCUS Parent Portal?

The FOCUS Parent Portal is a virtual ‘space’ where you will find important information on the school district as well as each student you register in the school district. Information such as schools, teachers, class schedules, assignments, attendance, and report cards and grades. Being able to operate and communicate virtually is becoming a requirement particularly when we’re all faced with Pandemics, Hurricanes, personal safety and convenience. The goal of the Portal is to allow Parents to do everything virtually rather than visiting the school or district office.

Is the FOCUS Parent Portal secure?

Yes. Focus is used by many school districts in FL as well as in other states. You establish your FOCUS Parent Portal account using your personal email account and your own password.

Why do I need a FOCUS Parent Portal Account?

The FOCUS Parent Portal account gives you convenient, secure, anytime, anywhere access to your child's school information. Establishing a portal account allows the district to become more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Portals can eliminate the costly and inefficiencies of printing, preparing and mailing paper documents. The goal is to do all things we can electronically and a portal is needed for this.

Does the FOCUS Parent Portal work on my phone?

Yes, the web app is responsive to a phone and parents can visit the App or Play Store and download the Lee County Schools Community App.

Lee County Community AppLee County Schools Community
Focus School Software


How do I create my FOCUS Parent Portal Account?

  • Visit
  • Click "Create a Focus Parent Portal Account"
  • Scroll to the bottom and click "Create Account"
  • Fill in required fields and hit submit

How do I link (Add) my currently enrolled student(s) to my FOCUS Parent Portal Account?

Once a parent has created a FOCUS Parent Portal account please gather Student ID, Birth Date, and FOCUS Parent Portal PIN to link a student to the account. Portal PIN will be emailed to the email address on file at the beginning of 1st and 2nd semester or contact your child's school.

  • Click "Link a Student to your FOCUS Parent Portal Account"
  • Sign in with your registered email and password if needed
  • Click "I would like to ADD A CHILD who is already enrolled."
  • Fill in required fields and click "Add Student"
  • Repeat for each child
  • Click "I am FINISHED adding students. Please take me to the Portal"

How do I change the language of my FOCUS Parent Portal?

Login to your portal account, navigate to the Preferences tab, select the language.

Language Preferences

How do I reset my FOCUS Parent Portal account password?

If your email is already registered and you forgot your password:

What is a FOCUS Parent Portal PIN?

The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used to Add/Link students to your FOCUS Parent Portal account. If you used the portals online application to APPLY FOR ENROLLMENT, the PIN is not needed as that student will already exist in (or be linked to) your account. The PIN is needed when:

  • You created your FOCUS Parent Portal account after having already registered your student(s) in Lee county, OR
  • You have a FOCUS Parent Portal account but did not use the online application to add any ‘new’ students. In other words, you visited the Student Enrollment office to add ‘new’ students.

You can get your PIN by contacting your student’s school. It can take up to 24 hours for the PIN to generate for new students.

How do I view or print report cards from my FOCUS Parent Portal account?

To view and download your students report card from focus, click on "Reports" in the tab under your students name. To download past report cards, change the school year in the top right of the screen and then click "Reports".

Focus Parent Portal Report Cards

How do I change my residential address using the FOCUS Parent Portal?

You must contact your child(s) school(s) for change of address.

How do I change my Contact Information in the FOCUS Parent Portal?

You must contact your child(s) school(s) for change of contact information.

Online Registration

How do I register new (first time enrolled in the district) students using my FOCUS Parent Portal Account?

Examples of ‘first time in a Lee county school’

  • Student entering Kindergarten
  • A family / student that has just relocated to this county and will register for the first time in a Lee county school.

If previously registered in a Lee county school you must contact the Student Enrollment office.

Parents will enter pre-registration documents online via FOCUS and avoid lengthy wait times at the Student Enrollment Office.

  • Parents that do not have a FOCUS Parent Portal account will need to create an account.
  • Parents that have a Focus Parent Portal Account will need to log into their current FOCUS Parent Portal account.
  • From your Focus Parent Portal account, select FORMS, then Online Application
  • Enter information and upload appropriate documents in all required fields
  • When complete, submit your application - you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided when creating your account

How do I re-enroll children using my FOCUS Parent Portal Account?

This will be a future enhancement of Parent Portal. You must contact the Student Enrollment office for re-enrollments.

Why am I getting a ‘duplicate student’ message (error) when trying to register my student online?

This message will appear when a parent is attempting to register a new student and the system determines that a student already exists in our system with the exact same first and last name and exact same date of birth.

If you encounter the ‘duplicate student’ message, please visit the Student Enrollment office, bringing your child’s required registration documents, and they will assist you in registering this student.

How do I continue with the online application once I’ve selected the “Save and Continue Later”?

  • Log back in to your parent portal.
  • Under Forms, click on the Online Application (again)
  • Click on the APPLY FOR ENROLLMENT (again)
  • Since you’ve already started the application for your child, click on the Continue Application tab and then click on Log In. This takes you back to the application you already started. You then pick up where you left off.

How do I resubmit the required registration documents that were determined to be ‘Invalid’?

After you submit your registration application online, if the district determines one or more of the required documents you uploaded are ‘invalid’ (do not meet the districts requirements), you will receive an email stating which documents are invalid and the steps to take to resubmit these documents.

Essentially those steps will direct you to the area pictured below of your portal where you can resubmit all of the necessary documents.

Invalid Documents

Why did I not receive my confirmation email after completing the online registration?

If you’ve completed all of the necessary steps, you will eventually click on a ‘Submit’ button. The ‘Submit’ button is the final step you take to ‘send’ your application to the district. Once you ‘Submit’, you should receive an email that confirms we’ve received your online registration. This email will be ‘From:’ FOCUS/SIS. After you ‘Submit’, if you don’t find that email within a few minutes, you might first check your SPAM or junk email folder. If after checking there, and if after you’re sure you’ve clicked on the ‘Submit’ button but you still do not receive your confirmation email, please contact Student Enrollment and report this as an issue.

As this is a new process for many of us, sometimes Parents who may have used the “Save and Continue Later” option, are uploading the documents in an area we use for the resubmission of invalid documents (image below). Do NOT after you’ve selected “Save and Continue Later” upload your documents there.

Completion Email

Why am I getting the “Application in Progress” portal alert?

If you are seeing an “Application in Progress” alert for your child, it means that you have not yet completed the entire registration process. This alert will disappear once you complete the entire process and ‘Submit’ the application. Once you do click on the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the process, you should receive, within a few minutes, an email that serves as your submission confirmation (receipt).

Application in Progress