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Revolutionizing Education

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Vision 2020 is the School District of Lee County’s updated Strategic Plan for fulfilling our vision To Be a World-Class School System. Building on the recommendations of Education Revolution: A Theory for Action, Vision 2020 defines a specific course of action to implement key, research-based recommendations and strategies, allowing the District to meet our four overarching goals:

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Goal 1

Increase Student Achievement

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Goal 2

Increase Family and Community Engagement

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Goal 3

Increase Retention of 
Effective and Highly Effective Employees

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Goal 4

Become a Model Continuous Improvement Organization

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The Foundation

Support Our Students & Educators

The School District of Lee County and The Foundation for Lee County Public Schools are committed to the success of each student. We have established ambitious goals to assist our students in becoming college and career ready. Click here to view our plan, Vision 2020.

Capital Fund

Capital Improvements

While many say they don't want their money going to "brick and mortar" this is actually where you can do the most good. A donation to this fund will ensure that our students and teachers have a safe, modern and functional learning environment – which is key to helping them reach their highest personal potential.


Pre-Kindergarten Program Expansion

The path to a great education begins early. Research indicates children who receive a high quality early childhood education are 50% less likely to be placed in special education, have a 34% lower rate of being retained, and are more likely to graduate from high school. Please help us expand our Pre-K programs and community partnerships to get our youngest students off to the best start possible.


Extended Day and Year Programs Expansion

Time is a critical factor in a child's education. Unlike the old factory model of years past, learning time must become more personalized. Please help us expand the number of before and after school programs, extended year programs that allow students to get extra help, and added enrichment in subjects like science, mathematics, and art we currently offer.

School House

Grow Our Own

Educational research clearly indicates that the teacher makes the greatest difference in a child's education. Please help us attract, support, and retain great teachers by donating to our Grow Our Own Program.

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Meet the Need

If you just can’t make up your mind, choose our “Meet the Need” category and we will apply your donation to the Vision 2020 area of greatest need.

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