Fundraising Ideas

Taste of Your Town

Schools that have a gardens can invite the community to tour their garden, learn about the produce grown, and taste the fresh fruits and vegetables for a donation.


A carnival fundraiser can be a fun event for both students and families! Each class can run a booth such as ring toss, face painting, or corn hole, to raise money for the school, and have a good time.

Game Night

Students and families can have a stress-free game night! Donations are taken at the door, and participants have the option to go to several stations with Wii games, Mario Kart, and classics such as bingo and Sorry!

Car wash

Looking for a great outdoor activity that can also earn your group money? Why not try a car wash? These fundraisers work perfectly on hot summer days, and all you need is a hose, sponge, soap and a bucket.

Karaoke Competition

All you need is a karaoke machine and some willing participants to make this fundraiser a success! Use penny jars, and whatever teacher raises the most money has to perform. Students and staff pay a donation to participate and be entertained for the night!

Bowling/Skate Night

Students and families can have a great time, while raising money for their school! Certain venues in Fort Myers offer nights for organizations to host fundraisers. Fort Myers Skatium, The Palace Roller Rink, Bamboozles, and HeadPinz are some of the few that do!

Team Sport Competition

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Students play teachers in a game of basketball, football, baseball, or whatever sport, and the winners get bragging rights. Students donate money to play and watch the epic showdown.

Recycle Cans / Bottles / Paper

Schools can host a recycling drive, encouraging students to clean up their communities, while also collecting items like aluminum cans that can be resold to metal recycling for money. Go green, and make green!

Community garage sale

Want to bring your entire staff together for the benefit of your school? Well, then what better way to come together as a community than to sell your lightly loved, no longer needed things?!? You’ll need to get volunteers to staff collection times, sorting and setup, sale hours, and cleanup. We’ve had a few schools do these already and pay out was HUGE!

Walk-a-thon / bike-a-thon

Get active outdoors while also raising money for your school! You can challenge your staff and students with a 5K or keep it simple and host a Walk-a-thon. Encourage all participants to get pledges from their friends, family, and neighbors for every milk they complete. Participants are always welcomed to make their own contribution to the cause as well!

Cornhole Tournament

This is a great inexpensive way to bring everyone together to have fun while raising money for your school! Teams can enter into the tournament by giving a donation to the school, you get to determine the entry fee cost. You can also get local companies to sponsor a hole and put their brand next to the hole they’ve sponsored, this is great advertising for them and easy money for you.

Jump rope / Hula hoop competition

These are great fundraisers to get your students actively involved in a charitable act for their school. What kid doesn’t love to jump rope or hula hoop? Now they can raise money for their school while doing jumping or hula hooping! Donors can sponsor participants per the second or minute, as well as sponsor a prize.