Instructional Technology

SDLC Ecosystem

Lee County Digital Learning Environment

Digital Access (Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device)


LaunchPad provides easy access to applications that will help students succeed in school, enables students to monitor their progress and enrich their learning experience. View schedules, their grades,educational resources, school information, textbooks and library books, Accelerated Reader information, individual learning paths and more all in one place.

Learning Object Repository (LOR)

SAFARI Montage

SAFARI Montage is a digital library full of helpful content. View thousands of learning tools such as educational movie clips for all ages, PDF’s, textbooks, encyclopedias and more.  SAFARI Montage can be accessed through LaunchPad.

Personalized Learning

Compass Learning/Pathblazer

Compass Learning Provides students with personalized math, reading, science, and  learning paths that can be both monitored and manually altered by the teacher. Compass Learning/Pathblazer can be accessed through LaunchPad.

Learning Management System

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is part of the G Suite for Education.  Teachers can streamline assignments, engage students, cultivate collaboration, and promote communication.  Teachers can create assignments, distribute digital resources, and provide feedback all in one place. Google Classroom can be accessed through LaunchPad.

Karen Babor
Coordinator, K-12 Instructional Technology/Instructional Materials

Melissa Robinson
Content Specialist, K-12 Instructional Technology