Allergies & Special Diets

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Allergies & Special Diets

General Information Regarding Special Diets Food substitutions/menu modifications may be requested for children with special dietary condition(s) by using FNS’s Diet Prescription for Special Meals. School nutrition managers can use foods from typical meal lists to meet most diet modifications that are requested. However, when necessary we will utilize specialized items to ensure a safe mealtime environment for your child. If a student needs to eliminate an item such as milk from the diet, then he/she may either choose to drink portable water free of charge or choose to purchase another type of drink. Milk is required to be offered to all children, but it is not mandatory that a child takes milk for a complete meal. With most diets, we are able to prepare and serve flavorful menu items to your child that meets his or her special need, while still following federal guidelines for school meals.

Please see the Special Diet Packet Letter & Form for more information:

Milk Substitutions

As of September 2012, the USDA has determined ... A Parent/Guardian or Doctor can write a note stating that their student needs a milk substitution and we are now able to use this note as a valid form of notification to provide a MILK SUBSTITUTION. Under the NSLP Juices and Water are not valid substitutions.

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