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The law requires for the first time that certain “contractual personnel” must meet Level 2 screening requirements as described in § 1012.32, Florida Statutes. “Contractual personnel” includes any vendor, individual or entity under contract with The School District of Lee County. If an entity does business with the school board, then its employees and agents, including sub-contractual personnel, must meet the Level 2 background screening requirements if they
  • are permitted access on school grounds when students are present or
  • have direct contact with students or
  • have access to or control of school funds
If you have no personnel who meet any of these criteria, the law does not apply to you, and you do not need to take any action. However, if you or other personnel from your business meet any of the three criteria above, must ensure that those personnel are fingerprinted and screened. Please review "Vendor Background Screening Requirements".