Foreign Exchange Students

Foreign Exchange Students

The School Board recognizes the positive cultural benefits to the students, staff, and the community in meeting students from other countries and in having nonimmigrant students with citizenship in countries other than the United States as members of the student body of this District. The Student Services Department shall be responsible for enforcing the following procedures regarding the admission of Foreign Exchange students:

All foreign exchange students must contact the Student Services Department to obtain authorization forms prior to enrollment and must follow the Student Assignment Office process for enrollment and school assignment.

Agencies must arrange host family placements before students leave their home country. Exchange students must be enrolled and start attending classes no later than the first day of the first semester each year for full-year placements and the first day of the second semester each year for second-semester placements.

The representatives from approved Foreign Exchange Student Programs requesting placement of a student must secure written acceptance from the Student Services Department prior to enrollment in District schools.

All Foreign Exchange Programs must be listed with the Council on Standards for International Educational Travel before requesting placement of students in the School District.

Foreign exchange students are expected to enroll for a minimum of one (1) semester and a maximum of two (2) semesters.

A foreign exchange student entering a Florida school for the first time must present to the Student Assignment Office the general enrollment documents required by all students in addition to the Exchange Program and INS documents.

Foreign exchange students must have sufficient scholastic preparation to participate in the designated program, including knowledge of the English language.

No Foreign Exchange Program may have more than three (3) students from the same country in the same school or place with more than one foreign exchange student per host family.

The Foreign Exchange Program must certify that financial resources are sufficient to cover all expenses for the student, including funds to cover school lunches.