STAR 360

Star 360

Already in use for early literacy/reading throughout the elementary in the District for progress monitoring, the use of STAR for the 2016-17 school year has been expanded to all grades (K-12) for Reading and also for STAR Math.

STAR 360 assessments are designed to help teachers assess students quickly, accurately and efficiently. STAR provides teachers and administrators with reliable and valid data instantly so they can target content, provide students with appropriate instructional materials, monitor progress, and intervene with at-risk students.

Administrators use real-time data from STAR to make decisions about curriculum, assessment, and instruction at the classroom, school, and district levels. Three STAR Enterprise assessments measure student achievement in four areas:

  • STAR Early Literacy Enterprise assesses early literacy and early numeracy skills (grades K-1)
  • STAR Reading Enterprise assesses reading skills (grades 1-12)
  • STAR Math Enterprise assesses math skills (grades K-12)

STAR Assessments have been favorably reviewed as reliable, valid, and efficient by various independent groups, including the National Center on Intensive Intervention, the National Center on Response to Intervention, and the National Center on Student Progress Monitoring. STAR also has a significant research base (which is demonstrated in the documents below).