Out-of-Zone Student Enrollment (House Bill 7029)

The School District of Lee County allows a parent from any other school district in the state of Florida, whose child is not subject to a current expulsion or suspension, to enroll and transport his or her child into any PUBLIC school (including certain CHARTER schools) in the District that has not reached capacity.

Below are schools that can currently be offered as an out-of-zone school choice:

Elementary Schools

  • Franklin Park Elementary

Middle Schools

High Schools

  • Island Coast High School

Out-of-zone school placement to your school of choice is not guaranteed. Placement in an out-of-zone school is based upon seat availability of a particular grade level and if the school can meet the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) needs of your student. Parents must provide transportation to and from the school. Please see the District's Plan for Student Enrollment for additional information about out-of-zone student open enrollment.

For more information contact StudentEnrollment@leeschools.net