Safety and Security

The School District of Lee County emphasizes the importance of providing a Safe, Secure and Healthy Environment for all. It is important for our families to know that safety for our children, employees and community is our priority. We work closely with local, state and federal agencies to ensure that our School District meets regulatory requirements and utilizes preventative safety measures.

Our Safety & Security Department keeps up-to-date on important safety information. Schools regularly participate in emergency drills in order to be prepared in an emergency situation. Safety is our priority.

Crossing Guards

Lee County Hazardous Walking And School Crossing Criteria

Fake Threat . . . Real Consequences

It doesn't matter if you say it, text it, write it, snap it or post it on social media, students who make threats can face serious consequences.

Fortify FL

Mobile suspicious activity reporting tool for students and the community

Hurricanes and Storms

Know how to create individual plans and where to go during a Hurricane.

Threat Assesment

Steps to protect our children and employees from threats or violence in our schools

Baker Act

Impairment of the mental or emotional processes that exercise conscious control of one’s actions or of the ability to perceive or understand reality.