Parent Involvement for Title I

Elementary Parents

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Middle and High Parents

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Program Overview

The Title I Parent Involvement program for parents is meant to:

  • Offer parents training on ways to work with their children at home to improve student success in school.
  • Offer reading skills and literacy training.
  • Promote active input in their children's schools and education.
  • Explain Title I rules to parents.
  • Involve parents in making local Title I decisions.

Parent Involvement Research:

When families work with schools to support learning, children tend to succeed in school and in life. It doesn't matter how much money the parents make, if they can:

  • Offer a home that supports learning;
  • share high, yet realistic, plans and expectations for their children's learning and careers; and
  • be involved in their children's education at school and in the community."

All families can have a positive influence on their children's learning.

Helping Your Child Succeed in School

  • Expect Your Child to Read - Make sure your home has lots to read. Let your child see you reading.
  • Talk With Your Child - This will help your child pick up language skills.
  • Work With Your Child's Teacher and School - Be involved any way that you can; talk to the teacher, go to conferences, volunteer.
  • Keep an Eye on Homework - Set the same time each day, the same place and turn off the TV.
  • Praise Efforts - Support your child to do his best; show you care.
  • Check on TV Viewing and Video Game Playing - Limit the time.
  • Help Your Child to Use the Library - This will help your child learn on his own.
  • Help Your Child Learn to Use the Internet Safely - Check and limit the time.
  • Help Your Child to be Responsible and Work On Her Own -Set clear rules and stick to them.
  • Support Active Learning - Expect your child to ask and answer questions, solve problems and follow his interests.
  • Offer Healthy Meals and Snacks
  • Make Sure Your Child Gets Plenty of Sleep

Parents are very important in their child's education, we invite and encourage parents to become involved in their child's school. There are many ways to be involved such as joining the School Advisory Council, participating in the School Improvement Plan process, reviewing the school's Parent Involvement Policy and Home-School Compact, planning parent involvement activities and workshops, becoming a member of the school's parent/teacher organization, or volunteering at school.

Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) in Title I, Part A Programs

Parent and Family Engagement (PFE) in a child's education is a greater predictor of academic success