JROTC For Parents

Our Mission

Developing responsible cadet-leaders of character through high-quality instruction and enrichment opportunities that enable the development of the life skills, aspiration, and expectation to be college and career ready. We are an all inclusive program.

Our Vision

Providing a quality citizenship, character, and leadership development program, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions.

Informational Videos

What is JROTC?

The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) program offers students in high school a comprehensive education in service and leadership, supported by the Department of Defense ( US Army). Our dedicated instructor team, comprised of retired US Army members, offer students knowledge and skills that extend far beyond the classroom and prepare them for the diverse challenges of life. Through mentoring, extracurricular activities, and a rigorous academic program, the JROTC program instills confidence for young men and women, a sense of belonging and purpose, access to a range of non-classroom activities and leadership skills that help students reach their full potential.

What does it mean for students who participate in JROTC?

As a participant in JROTC, whom we refer to as ‘Cadets’, students wear a uniform that is provided to them one day a week. Cadets have one period of classroom instruction, taught by one of the JROTC instructors. In the freshman and sophomore year, participation in JROTC serves to fulfill the Physical Education/ HOPE requirement and a half credit in performing Arts. The curriculum taught during the Freshmen and Sophomore year covers a range of topics including civics education, financial literacy, communication and conflict resolution skills, leadership skills, service learning projects, and college and career planning. Outside of the classroom, cadets have access to a range of opportunities from robotics, drill meets, to sports competitions, academic competitions, and cyber security – you name it! Parents and guardians support the program by ensuring their students are prepared with the proper uniform on the appropriate day.

Why do Cadets wear a uniform?

The wearing of a uniform serves many purposes in JROTC.

  • The uniform is a method of displaying student’s achievement through awards and ranks.
  • The proper care of the uniform teaches students responsibility.
  • The uniform is similar to the military uniforms teaching students respect for our military and uniform members.
  • Students develop a sense of belonging and a felling of pride in their appearance.

The JROTC Promise

  • To develop self-reliance, leadership and responsiveness to constituted authority
  • To improve the ability of every cadet to communicate both orally and in writing
  • To develop an appreciation for the importance of physical fitness
  • To develop a knowledge of team building skills, leadership and service skills
  • To provide experience that will help each cadet in every facet of life, for college, the military, or any other productive path they choose