National School Lunch & Breakfast Program

The Food & Nutrition Services Department strives for excellence in the services we provide and the food that we serve! We go above and beyond the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program regulations of offering whole grains, fruits, vegetables, protein, and milk. Fresh produce is on our lines every week and we bring in as many local fruits and vegetables as we can! The School District of Lee County participates in the Community Eligibility Provision(CEP) Program. Through this provision, all students in The School District of Lee County are eligible to receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

Infographic breaking down what a reimbursable lunch is

FAQ's for Free Breakfast & Lunch

Will the meals be the same or different?

Every student has the same access to all meals served at their school's location. We have updated our menu this year so be sure to look for new & exciting entrees!

Do I need to do anything to get these free meals at qualifying schools?


What about the balance in my prepay account?

Your child can use this balance to pay for other things not included in the standard school lunch, like snacks or special beverages.

If you would like us to refund the remaining balance please provide us with the full student name and school location they are currently attending. Also, include the name of the person you would like the check made out to and the mailing address we are to send the refund check.

Important Note: If you are using the on-line prepayment system and if you have it set up for "automatic replenishment" you will need to turn off the auto replenishment feature before you ask us to refund the account.

Please send a refund request to Helen Pierce

With meals "free" now at all Lee County schools, why can't my child just get a free milk or a piece of fruit instead of having to take a whole meal?

The cost of school meals provided to students in our District are subsidized by the federal government through participation in the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. In order for the District to receive the federal funds that support these programs, specific meal components must be served that make up a complete meal for the student. The District does not receive any funds for any single components served.

For additional information about school lunch and breakfast programs, please contact: The School District of Lee County, Food and Nutrition Services, Attention: Food and Nutrition Services, 2855 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, Florida 33966, (239) 461-8449.