Advertising with the District

75% of parents want companies to support schools and 64% say they will switch to comanies that do, Mintel 2013 Girl stading on stage with lights on her.

Thank you for your interest in advertising with the School District of Lee County.
We look forward to working with you for the mutual benefit of your business and our students!

Naming Rights

Full Auditorium with people watching a group of people on stageThe Lee County School District has partnered with Tebo & Associates to manage our Naming Rights project which allows a business to put its name on a Stadium, Gymnasium or Theater for about the same cost per month as an electronic billboard.

“This is a new and exciting opportunity for us,” explains Superintendent Dr. Greg Adkins. “This is a way we can provide companies the benefits and loyalty that come with this kind of support, while helping out students at the same time."

Naming rights range between $750 and $8,000 per month based on the amount of traffic around the facility and the number of people who attend events each year.

Check out our facility naming rights guidebook which outlines the details, benefits, and costs.

Digital Advertising

If you want to target parents and students this is the way to do it. We have three advertising spots on the District’s homepage. The District’s homepage sees 80,000+ visitors with 140,000+ sessions per month. The District ads are standard sizes of 728 x 90 (leaderboard) and 300 x 250 (square). If you only want to advertise to Lee County School District employees you can do so on our intranet site, the same ad sizes apply.

Below are samples of our webpage with advertising.

Front Page of the Website toward the top Front page of the website towards the bottom

If you are interested in more information about these opportunities and others, please contact Communications Department at (239) 461-8420