Cypress Lake High School will host the 13th Annual Lee County Special Olympics High School Field Day on Friday, December 8th, 2017! 

Designed to increase positive interaction between exceptional and traditional students, this event is part of the “Be a Buddy” program at the school, an initiative that allows traditional and exceptional students to partner together to participate in scholastic and extracurricular experiences.  Through participation in fun athletic events with their peers, exceptional students are able to form a circle of lifelong friends that will help support them in social settings.

Students from 14 local high schools will participate.  Over 1,600 people are involved including student athletes, student peers, adult/parent volunteers, and high school alumni.  The program is supported by over 50 local businesses that volunteer their time and help supply lunch and snacks for all participants.

The event will be held in the Thomas Broomhead Memorial Stadium at Cypress Lake High located at 6750 Panther Lane in Fort Myers.  Opening ceremonies will begin at 9:45 a.m.