Keep All Contact Information Up To Date


An essential component of an effective school is communication between school and home. Bayshore Elementary provides a variety of communication tools to encourage family support. Your parents want to know about all of the wonderful learning that takes place at school. Sometimes we will call them on the phone or have a conference with them. Parents may call the school to schedule a conference with a teacher or other school personnel.


On occasion for special events we will mail invitations home to parents and when we do we will use the official address on record for the student.


For the safety of our students, please report to the office to check in with your government issued identification (driver’s license, military id) before entering the campus. We request that guests help us maintain an appropriate learning environment by using visits to observe rather than as opportunities to interact with the teacher or students. Teachers will be happy to set an appointment time to speak with your parents regarding your progress/needs. Please note that proper identification must be shown and verification of the ability for that visitor to see your child will be made prior to entry into the campus.


Inform the Information Specialist, in the front office, if your address/telephone number changes. This will help us with communication, especially in case of an emergency. Change of address requires documentation such as an electric bill, water bill or telephone bill.


Our mission is to provide an education for each of our students. This purpose cannot be served if students disrupt the school. The Bayshore Elementary staff has high expectations for appropriate behavior from every student. When a student chooses to violate school rules, that student will face the consequences for that choice.

The Four Expectations at Bayshore Elementary

Be Prepared

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

We attempt to contact parents by phone when a discipline referral is written. It is the student’s responsibility to take home the copy of any referral, letter or reminder regarding disciplinary action and to inform his/her parents of the circumstances leading to the action. Special Note: School Board policy specifically prohibits students from bringing items to school that could cause an injury to themselves or to any other student. Severe consequences would be necessary if this policy were broken.


Many people help to make Bayshore Elementary a wonderful place to learn and grow.

The School Advisory Council (SAC)

The SAC is made up of people who work at Bayshore Elementary, parents, and community representatives. These people work on the School Improvement Plan.

Volunteer Program

This program allows parents and community members to come to school and participate in your learning. They come and read with students and help in many other ways. Volunteers help just because they want to, and receive no money for their work.

Say thank you by always being kind and mannerly to our volunteers.


The Lee County School Board has conformed the Lee County grading scale to the breakpoints established by the State of Florida Department of Education, effective July 1997. This is the grading scaled teachers use when calculating grades.

Grade Definition

A (90-100) Excellent

B (80-89) Very Good

C (70-79) Average

N (60-69) Needs Improvement

U (0-59) Unsatisfactory


Homework is assigned to reinforce skills and techniques learned in the classroom. Homework is assigned with consideration to resources, including time available to the students. Research shows that students learn more from homework when they have a quiet, comfortable place to study, free from distractions. It helps if a consistent time of day is set aside for homework.


Parent Link:

This is a wonderful tool for parents to check grades each week. Attendance calls will be made and school announcements will be sent home using this system by telephone.

Progress Reports:

Every teacher will send home papers and reports for you to review.

Report Cards/Interim Reports:

In the middle of each quarter a report will be sent home about your progress at school. At the end of each of the four quarters, you will receive a report card.

Monthly Newsletter:

A newsletter is written for your parents so they know what is happening at our school.

Discipline Referrals:

Copies of discipline referrals are sent home to parents to let them know if you made a choice that does not meet the expectations of our school.

Special Notes:

Notes from your teacher for the wonderful things you do.