Positive Behavior Support

The School Board of Lee County recognized these schools for their dedication to the PBS Initiative. They are:

  • River Hall Elementary School - Gold
  • Cape Elementary School - Gold
  • Fort Myers High School - Gold
  • J. Colin English Elementary School - Gold
  • Orange River Elementary School - Gold
  • Bayshore Elementary School - Gold
  • Trafalgar Middle School - Gold
  • Trafalgar Elementary School - Gold
  • Bonita Springs Elementary School - Silver
  • Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. Elementary School - Bronze
  • Three Oaks Middle School - Bronze

Positive Behavior Support (PBS) allows individuals a new way to think about behavior. In Lee County, our schools use PBS in an attempt to understand why problem behaviors occur and what the function of these behaviors may be. PBS is designed to increase academic performance, increase safety, decrease problem behaviors, and establish positive school cultures through the use of evidence-based strategies and interventions (Florida's PBS Project, USF). This approach is used at all levels; school-wide, specific educational settings, classrooms, and even with individual students.

The PBS process is a team-based approach and requires strong collaboration between families and school personnel. Additionally, PBS provides our schools with a positive and effective alternative to traditional methods of discipline. PBS methods are research-based and have been proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors. The result is a more positive school climate and increased academic performance for our students.

We are proud to be a part of Florida's Positive Behavior Support Project. There are currently over 20 schools in Lee County using PBS on their campus. Lee County is proud that three of these schools have earned model school status for the FL PBS Project. All of the PBS schools have demonstrated a strong commitment to the creation of effective learning environments, the maintenance of appropriate social behaviors, and increasing student academic achievement.

How Can Parents Help With Positive Behavior Support?

  • Remember to use 5 positives for every 1 negative
  • Set the stage for your student's success and reward his/her efforts
  • Give clear and specific directions
  • Maintain your composure and always use a calm voice
  • Set reasonable limits for your child
  • Be consistent ("No" means no and "yes" means yes)
  • Set the example and model desired behaviors (Actions truly do speak louder than words)
  • Proactively anticipate situations
  • Have and demonstrate patience with you child
  • Have fun and enjoy the your role as a parent

"Have a short memory for mistakes, failures, and behavior slips. Every child deserves a fresh start each morning." -Robert Ramsey