November 2022 - Mary Fischer

November 2022 - Mary Fischer
Posted on 11/01/2022
November 2022 - Mary Fischer

Thanks to the Community

"Children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way .........."

It has been my honor and privilege to serve for three terms on the School Board of Lee County, Florida. It was my hope to make a difference, "Connecting school, family and community".

As a board member, I worked to promote student growth and achievement, and employee satisfaction by working with board colleagues to practice effective school board governance, communication and engaging the community as well as staying focused on our goals.

Over the years, we have experienced many changes and challenges, most recently a pandemic and devastating Hurricane Ian! Through it all, I have observed the true heroes - our people, go above and beyond to provide the best possible safe and quality educational environment while dealing with unprecedented situations!

My life has been enriched by the people I served - community members, students, families, and fellow educators. Leaving behind memories, along with facing opportunities for new experiences, I offer an expression of gratitude, and an affirmation of my commitment for continuing support as we move forward working to heal and rebuild, preparing tomorrow's workforce and strengthening the economy of our community.

As a staff member, I have taken immense pleasure in contributing to an environment that celebrates youth and creates long lasting bonds between people. Fellow staff members have inspired, mentored, and uplifted me. They remain the primary reason why I know Lee County Schools will continue to work to fulfill its mission and vision.

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to all those I have been able to work with. The dedication to serving students, honesty, and commitment to excellence drives the community, building what makes our district unique.

Communities like ours are worked best as a team and cannot be upheld without shared accountability.

Mary Fischer, District 1