March 2022 - Mary Fischer

March 2022 - Mary Fischer
Posted on 03/01/2022
Mary Fischer

This has been a school year filled with changes and challenges, discoveries and disappointments. Now that we are in the final three months, we are looking forward to finishing strong and getting ready for the 22-23 school year.

The School District of Lee County advocates maximizing student academic achievement, social emotional development and college and career readiness through systemic change while promoting a healthy, safe, and nurturing school environment.

Transportation Services transports approximately 47,000 student riders in a safe manner every day, traveling more than 12.3 million miles each school year. The department is working hard to improve safety, customer service, and on-time delivery of students to and from school, while improving routes and reducing student travel time.

Together with our health leaders we have worked diligently to plan and implement protocols for this school year to ensure the health and safety of our students and employees. We developed a matrix that defines what health and safety measures we put in place during various levels of COVID-19 Community Transmission so we could be flexible and responsive.

We owe heartfelt thanks to our students, parents and staff, along with our community for the accomplishments we have experienced in the face of many difficult situations.

It’s hard to believe that we are entering into the home stretch. This is by far one of the busiest, most exciting times of the school year as we look ahead to summer. There can be all kinds of emotions for students, parents and teachers during this time. But the show must go on, it is time to buckle down and finish strong!

Here are some tips for finishing out this school year positively:

Take a time out - It is healthy and beneficial to take a time out for you to re-focus on your agenda and goals, and re-group to get a handle on or draw up a plan for the rest of the school year.

Focus on the finish line- Olympic athletes know to look and focus on the finish line while in the race.

Never underestimate the power of positive self-talk- Remind yourself in the mirror each morning that there is a task at hand.

Adjust your attitude- If it is anything but positive, throw your shoulders back and declare what you want. How you finish is better than how you start.

Talk with others- When you get tired, tag a teammate. Find a friend or partner that can provide encouragement and motivation when the going gets tough. This person can help remind you of your goals and help push you toward the finish line.

Education is a dynamic process and the Economic driver for our community. Work together, help one another, set goals, stay organized. Don't put off responsibilities.

Remember what you've worked for. Get motivated. You can, and will, finish strong!

Mary Fischer
School Board Chair, District 1