Halloween Safety Tips

Adults dressed in Halloween Costumes

Safety Tips


  • Avoid using handheld electronic devices while driving.
  • Drive alert for all road users, including pedestrians, at night.
  • Make sure your friends and family don't drive after drinking.


  • Use crosswalks and be visible to drivers.
  • Apply reflective materials to costumes before walking at night.
  • Stay together and walk in groups.

Take a stand and have a plan:
Catch a ride service to and from the Halloween party.

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Whether you're trick-or-treating in a hurry, or just plain impatient, "Flying" through the crosswalk against the signal never ends well!

  • Stay Alert, obey the signal.
  • Never rush or run across the street.
  • Don't enter the crosswalk when the hand symbol or "Don't Walk" appears.

Safety Doesn't Happen by Accident!

Halloween Safety

Halloween is one of the most anticipated nights of the year for kids. The costumes are spooky and a little scary at times. But there's one thing even more frightening..... walking at night dressed in dark colors without a light.

  • Costumes are often dark colored. Make sure you apply reflective tape and have your child carry a light so they can be seen.
  • 75% of traffic crashes resulting in fatalities to pedestrians and bicyclists occur during dark or dusk hours. Teach your children to be safe walkers.
  • Plan a safe walking route for your children before halloween.
  • Remind your children the safest place to walk is on the sidewalk or on the grassy shoulder, safely away from traffic.
  • Hey Kids, remember to pay attention and watch for cars. And never run into the street!