Application Process

Procedures for Applying for Charter Status
An application for a new charter school may be made by an individual, teachers, parents, a group of individuals, a municipality, or a legal entity organized under the laws of the state of Florida.

To apply for a charter, submit a proposal in compliance with the Florida Charter School Application. See the Forms and Documents page to view and download forms.

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Optional Application Overview Meeting

Prospective charter applicants are invited to attend an optional meeting during which the District Charter School Administrator will review the various components of the application process, and explain how charter school applications are reviewed and approved. The meeting will include a presentation followed by an open question and answer session.

Members of the public are welcome. No advance registration is required.

The meeting date for the FY21-22 charter school application cycle is scheduled for Monday, November 25, 2019.
The meeting will be held at the Lee County Public Education Center at 2:00 p.m.

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Submitting an Optional Letter of Intent
Potential applicants are advised to file a letter of intent to apply at least sixty days in advance of the expected submittal date. Letters of intent may be sent to the District's charter school liaison by postal mail or via e-mail message (see "Contact Information" below). A letter of intent to apply should include:

  • Name of organization proposing the charter school.
  • Proposed name of school.
  • Proposed location of school.
  • Brief description of student population and number of students to be served.
  • Unique educational opportunities to be provided by the charter school.
  • Application contact person(s).
  • Telephone and fax numbers.
  • E-mail address(es) of contact person(s).

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Technical Requirements for Submitting an Application
Proposals must comply with the requirements of the appropriate Florida model application. Proposals must comply with School Board of Lee County Policy 2.28.

  • Proposals must be be presented in reviewable format and must include (a) two printed, collated paper copies and (b) one complete digital copy.
  • Paper copies should be printed on letter size (8½ by 11 inches) white paper.
  • Paper copies should include tabs for major sections and for appendices.
  • Paper copies should not be bound, but may be punched and placed in suitable binders.
  • All pages of the application and appendices should have page numbers.
  • The application should have a table of contents.
  • The full application (including the question prompts) should not exceed 110 pages for applicants completing only the standard application or 140 pages for applicants required to complete the Charter School Application Appendum (for replications or educational service providers).
  • Pages must be formatted using one side of the page with no less than one-inch margins, must be single-spaced, and must use a font no smaller than 12 points. Care should be taken to ensure readability of all pages. Decorative or narrow typefaces should be avoided.
  • The printed copies and the digital copies must be faithful copies of each other.
  • The digital copy may be provided on a USB flash device or may be posted in an online depository to which the District has been provided access. At this time, the District cannot accept files on other digital media.
  • The digital copy must contain the entire application in a single, searchable, unprotected file in PDF or Microsoft Word format, except that financial appendices may be presented as separate PDF, Word, or Excel format files.
  • Files from digital media will be transferred to the District Web page for review. Digital media on which such files are submitted is not retained and will not be returned.
  • Proposals must be received in the Office of the Superintendent no later than 4:00 P.M. EST on February 1st of each year, or the next day of business after that in years when February 1st does not fall on a business day.
    Applications for charter schools seeking to open in the 2021-2022 school year are due by 4:00 P.M. EST on Monday, February 3, 2020.

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Obtaining Technical Assistance
We want to help you make your application the best that it can be. Although District staff cannot assist applicants in the writing of their actual proposal, technical assistance is available.

Applicants are encouraged to review previous applications and previous reviews to improve their own applications.

Applicants who are not fluent with digital file management and preparation are encouraged to contact Dr. Donna Schroll at (239) 337-8115. Assistance can be arranged if requested well in advance of the submittal deadline. A request for assistance on or near the submittal deadline will of necessity be quite limited, and will likely not be available at all.

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Notice of Public Records Status
All applications and all communications regarding applications are public records in the State of Florida, and are posted here as such. The State of Florida and the School District of Lee County hold perpetual and irrevocable license to freely store, post, publish, share, distribute, and make available online any and all communications and documents related to submittal of a charter school application. However, applications are not in the public domain unless placed there by their authors or by applicable law, and authors may retain copyright over their original work. Current and future applicants or anyone else wishing to use any portion of a previous application for any purpose should consult the copyright holder directly for permission to do so. The School District of Lee County does not manage copyrights, licenses, or permissions for applicants.

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Contact Information
Application packages and other formal correspondence should be sent to the following apress:

Dr. Gregory K. Adkins
Superintendent of Schools
Lee County Public Education Center
2855 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33966-1012
(239) 337-8301

Letters of intent to apply, requests for information and assistance, and other correspondence may be directed to the District's charter school liaison at this apress:

Dr. Donna P. Schroll
Grants & Program Development
Administrator, Charter Schools
Lee County Public Education Center
2855 Colonial Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33966-1012
(239) 337-8115 

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Review Procedures
The digital copy of the application will be posted online and will be available to anyone. Related documents may also be posted.

An expert panel will review and evaluate all applications for charter status. The application and the reviewers' recommendations will be presented to the Superintendent. Once the Superintendent has determined what the recommendation will be, that recommendation will be placed on an agenda for the School Board's consideration.

The School Board shall, by a majority vote, approve or deny an application no later than 90 calendar days after the application is received unless a mutual agreement is made to temporarily postpone the vote to a specific date.

If an application is denied, the School Board will, within ten calendar days, articulate in writing the specific reasons based on good cause supporting its denial of the charter application to the State Board of Education.

Upon approval of a charter application, the terms and conditions for the operation of a charter school shall be formed in a written contractual agreement.

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