Workers' Compensation


If you have a work-related injury or illness, you have the right under the State of Florida's Workers' Compensation Law to:

  • Select and/or change your Primary Care Provider or Specialist Provider from among the authorized physicians offered by Johns Eastern, the District's workers' compensation third party claims adjusting firm;
  • Receive medical treatment with dignity, courtesy, privacy, respect, and confidentiality within the confines of the Florida Workers' Compensation Act;
  • Receive timely information about your treatment, including available alternatives and their potential effectiveness;
  • Request a second medical opinion from a participating network provider using the established procedures;
  • Access your medical records and have copies made at your own expense; and
  • Appeal any disputed medical or administrative decision using the established grievance procedures.


As an employee treated for a work-related injury or illness, you have the responsibility to:

  • Immediately report any injury you sustain on the job to your supervisor and the Benefit Contact at your location;
  • Obtain all medical care from a Johns Eastern approved provider;
  • Follow your medical provider's and Johns Eastern claim representative's instructions concerning your treatment;
  • Provide your Primary Care Provider and/or Specialist Physician with a complete medical history, as well as the current medical problem(s) related to your employment;
  • Keep all scheduled appointments for medical care and evaluations;
  • Keep your supervisor, Benefit Contact, and Johns Eastern adjuster aware of all your appointments and doctor's recommendations;
  • Report all work restrictions to your supervisor and your Johns Eastern adjuster so they can provide appropriate work for you under the School District's Light Duty program; and
  • Return to active employment as soon as you are released for either limited or full duty by your medical provider(s).


Below are the new workers' compensation procedures to follow when an employee has a needlestick or other bloodborne pathogen exposure (e.g. human bite, etc.)

In the event of a needlestick or other bloodborne pathogen exposure, immediately, take the following steps. The person should be treated within 24 hours of exposure!

  • Complete Notice of Injury (link below):
  • Employee needs to seek treatment within 2 hours of exposure at either Lee Convenient Care - Page Field OR ER at local hospital.
  • If the employee seeks treatment at ER, follow-up care is at IMA (Internal Medicine Associates). The employee should contact Candy Miller at 931-3440, press "0" , then Ext 2520 and make arrangements for the follow-up appointment and provide paperwork from the ER treatment.
  • Be sure the employee takes the completed Workers' Compensation paperwork to IMA or Lee Convenient Care.
  • If you know the person whose blood the employee was exposed to, make a copy of any medications they are on and whether they are immunized for hepatitis B.
  • Treatment options and appropriate follow-up will be discussed during the visit.
  • REMEMBER that the exposed person should be seen within 2 hours of exposure, if possible.
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