Staff Attorney

Brian A. Williams, Esq.
Staff Attorney

Lynne Takais
Executive Assistant

Main Number: 239-335-1447
Fax: 239-335-1530

The Staff Attorney works closely with staff from Human Resources to assure that all employment processes and policies are developed and implemented in compliance with applicable law and with standard practices. By involving an attorney in all operations of Human Resources, the rights and interests of all employees are better protected.

As in-house counsel for district staff, the Staff Attorney researches and prepares legal opinions on a wide range of issues pertaining to school and employment law.

The Staff Attorney provides legal representation to the school district in due process hearings (IDEA), student expulsion hearings, disciplinary employment hearings (DOAH) and arbitrations.

Due to the increasing complexity of employment law, the Staff Attorney also serves on the district negotiating teams to help develop the TALC and SPALC contracts.

From time to time, the Staff Attorney provides training to employees on student and employment related matters.

The Staff Attorney also responds to inquiries and complaints filed through state and federal agencies, including but not limited to EEOC, OCR, and FCHR.