Healthy Living Lab



Mission Statement

"Developing healthy lifestyles with emphasis on nutrition and physical fitness."



Healthy Living Lab

The Healthy Living Lab program was developed by The School District of Lee County's Department of Food and Nutrition Services. The in-school outreach program provides health and nutrition information to students from Kindergarten through Fifth grade.The program was created to teach students how to develop a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on nutrition and physical fitness. The program starts with "Choose My Plate" information and samplings of fresh fruit and vegetables for beginning grades. The presentation becomes more in-depth with fifth grade level students learning about cholesterol and fat content while eating nutritious samples of freshly made salsa prepared using garden-fresh Florida ingredients.

Healthy Fit Lab

The Healthy Fit Lab program was developed as a supporting program to the Healthy Living Lab. The program provides health and physical education information to students from kindergarten through fifth grade. The program teaches students the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on lifetime fitness. The program teaches the importance of stretching and warming up, balance and movement skills, and the enjoyment of music and dance as an expressive exercise form. The Fit Lab utilizes technology through the use of a Wii to demonstrate different ways to get active!