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Timeline For Adoption Cycle 2018 - 2019 - Math Adoption Suspended

The textbook adoption for 2018-2109 will be suspended due to the Executive Order by Governor DeSantis mandating a review and revision of our current standards. Lee County will not be moving forward with textbook adoption as planned.  

District Adopted Instructional Materials

Instructional Materials Adoption Schedule

Teachers should report any concerns regarding content errors in instructional materials via email or phone call to the Academic Services Division and a staff member will communicate the information to the publisher.

Management Of Instructional Materials Currently In Use

Senate Bill 1248 includes:
“Money collected for lost or damaged books: enforcement. – The school principal shall collect from each student or the student’s parent the purchase price of any instructional material the student has lost, destroyed, or unnecessarily damaged and to report and transmit the money collected to the district school superintendent."
This change allows principals to collect the entire purchase price of the instructional materials.

Materials In Use Objection Form

Instructional Materials Committee Nomination - Closed until Fall 2019

Publisher Showcase Information - TBA

Public Review Access - TBA


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