Visually Impaired

Lee County provides educational services to students identified as blind or partially sighted. The Vision Program provides specialized services by Teachers of the Visually Impaired and Orientation & Mobility Specialists. A wide range of assistive technology devices and low vision aids are available to meet individual needs. When a child turns 3, itinerant services are available at any Lee County School. Three schools have resource classroom options for elementary, middle, and high school students. Intensive Instruction in Braille is provided for students at these sites. (Schools: Villas Elementary, Varsity Lakes Middle School, and Fort Myers High School) Transcription of teacher made instructional and curriculum material is produced in large print and Braille by the Braille Support Team. Orientation & Mobility is provided for students requiring this specialized instruction.

Who is the Visually Impaired Student?

Visual Impairments are defined as disorders in the structure and function of the eye that, even with correction and treatment, interfere with learning. This population may include students who are totally blind, have minimal light perception or students who have high levels of functional vision, although not normal visual acuity. Visual impairment may be the only disability for some students, while others may have additional disabling conditions which impact educational performance.

How Does a Child Qualify for Services Through the Visual Impairment Program?

To be eligible for vision services, a child must meet both of the following: A visual acuity of 20 / 70 or worse in the better eye after best correction, a peripheral field so constricted that it affects the child's ability to function in an educational setting, or a progressive loss of vision which may affect the ability to function in an academic setting as documented by a medical eye report.


A documented functional vision loss which inhibits processing information through the visual channel and requires the use of specialized materials or techniques.

Graduation Note

The special diploma or special certificate of completion are not options for graduation for a student with a visual impairment unless the student is multi-handicapped and can achieve the special standards for another exceptional education program.

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