Hospital Homebound


The mission of the Lee County Hospital Homebound Program is to provide quality instruction with modifications & accommodations, as needed, for students who cannot attend school due to a medical or psychiatric condition.


The vision of the Lee County Hospital Homebound Program is to integrate a variety of instructional modes including technology into the educational process for students, which will lead to the enhancement of their educational experience and allow them to reach their full potential.


Hospital Homebound services may be provided for students who are medically unable to attend school for an extended period of time (expected to be absent from school for a minimum of 15 consecutive school days or 15 non-consecutive school days due to a chronic condition.) A Hospital Homebound referral may be completed as soon as the parent/guardian learns of an acute, catastrophic or chronic medical condition, or an anticipated medical condition (pending surgery/ surgery recovery.) Pregnancy is not considered a medical condition that meets eligibility criteria for Hospital Homebound unless a physician certifies that there is a medical condition that confines the student to the home or hospital for a minimum of 15 consecutive days. A licensed physician or psychiatrist must complete a medical referral to include but is not limited to: a diagnosis, treatment plan, medication, reasonable precautions, expected duration and plan for re-entry to school.

Hospital Homebound placement is the most restrictive educational and social environment. Hospital Homebound does not duplicate a classroom/school experience. It should be understood by all parties concerned that in many cases the student's illness may prevent him/her from working at the same pace as prior to the illness. This may result in lowered grades and a reduced number of courses completed/credit earned. The amount of work is almost always modified to enable a student to keep up to the best of his/her ability. Also, course offerings from Hospital Homebound are very limited.

How to Apply

The Hospital Homebound application process begins at the student's school of attendance. All necessary forms are available through the school office or from the Hospital Homebound Department. These forms include:

  • Student/ parent/ school referral
  • Medical Release of Information
  • Parental Agreement

The Principal's designee can assist in the completion of the necessary forms. Once all forms are completed, the school will forward them to the Hospital Homebound Department. The Hospital Homebound Department will fax a medical referral to the physician.

Please Remember

Until an Eligibility Staffing for Hospital Homebound services is held, the school should provide assignments and grades to the student.