Gifted Education

In Florida, the Department of Education defines a gifted student as One who has superior intellectual development and is capable of high performance, including those with demonstrated achievement and/or potential ability.

To be eligible for gifted program services, a student must demonstrate a need for a program, a majority of characteristics of gifted students according to a standard scale or checklist, and superior intellectual development as measured by an intelligence quotient of two standard deviations or more above the mean on an individually administered standardized test of intelligence. A gifted student may also be a member of an under-represented group and meet the criteria specified in the approved school district plan for increasing participation of under-represented groups in gifted programs.

The needs of the gifted are unique to the individual. Gifted students have strengths and weaknesses just as other students. A program that provides for their needs is important in helping students develop their abilities. To help meet these needs, Lee County offers a menu of services for the gifted. Students are eligible for gifted services from kindergarten through grade 12. All Lee County Schools offer services for gifted students.

Gifted Program Goals

  • To develop higher levels of thinking
  • To develop self-directed learning skills
  • To develop a positive self-concept
  • To develop positive interpersonal relationships
  • To develop creative thinking and expression



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