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Capital Funding Declines as Enrollment Increases Four Categories of Improvement Important Voting Dates

How Does Capital Help Kids Know the Facts, Sales tax will cost $64 a year for Family of Four The Growing Need

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 Capital Funding Bar Chart Graphic - English

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Click to Tweet: The proposal to increase Lee County’s sales tax rate from 6% to 6.5% would impact the average family’s budget by $64 a year, or just over $5 per month. An investment in public education is an investment in our children and our community. #ChangeForChange

Click to Tweet: Did you know that every teacher in Lee County does not have his or her own classroom? We are short of classrooms, so some educators carry their classroom on a cart. #ChangeForChange

Click to Tweet: Dollars raised through the sales tax will go right back into the economy through new construction and renovation projects, as well as new technology and security initiatives. #ChangeForChange

Click to Tweet: Know the facts before you vote. The District has answered 16 commonly heard questions as voters consider a half-cent investment to fund school capital projects for the children of Lee County. #ChangeForChange

Click to Tweet: A successful, high-quality school system is a major driver of economic development and promotes higher incomes, increased property values and lower crime rates. #ChangeForChange

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