How will the money be spent?

Change for Change
Fact 1: Improvements in Student Achievements
Fact 2: Job Opportunities and a Better Educated Workforce
Economic Health of the Community Workforce
Fact 4: Better Prepared for Natural Disasters

Meet The Needs Of An Increasing Student Population: $286,000,000

East Zone

  • New Elementary School
  • New Middle School
  • New High School

South Zone

  • New Elementary School
  • New Middle School

District Wide

  • Career and Technical School


  • Franklin Park Elementary School
  • Cypress Lake Middle School

Continue To Keep Our Students Safe: $57,400,000

  • Lockdown View Panels
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance w/Integrated Technology
  • Single Point Entry (Physical & Technology)
  • Hardened Doors
  • ADA/Safety Improvements

Maintain High Quality Educational Facilities: $364,920,000

  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Auditorium Seating
  • Building Improvements
  • Covered Structures
  • Electrical & Lighting Replacements/Upgrades
  • Fire Alarm/Sprinkler System Improvements and Upgrades
  • Floor Coverings
  • Furniture Replacement
  • PE and Playground Improvements
  • Roof Replancements
  • Site Improvements (Drainage, Landscape, etc.)
  • Windows

Prepare Students For The Future Through Technology: $46,510,000

  • Increased Elementary Computer Density
  • Modernized Interactive A/V Systems

Total Sales Tax Funded Projects: $754,830,000

Potential categories of improvements and projects are subject to modification as needs and priorities change. Amounts shown are estimates based on currently available information and subject to change. Short-term financing may be used to expedite projects. The planned expenditures are for facilities owned by the School District.


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