Lee County School Board Considering Redistricting

Lee County School Board Considering Redistricting
Posted on 10/19/2021
Lee County School Board Considering Redistricting

The Lee County School Board continues to review a redrawing of the boundaries for its five single member districts. The School Board invites interested community groups to present alternative redistricting maps at the Board Action Meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

Maps, including the following information, must be submitted to Denisemc@leeschools.net by noon on Monday, October 25:

  • Names and addresses of presenters
  • Nature of presentation
  • Length of time requested to make the presentation (up to 15 minutes, per Board Policy)
  • Specific action desired by the School Board
  • If the requester desires to share written material to the School Board, as part of the presentation, a copy of such material shall accompany the written request.

The goal of redistricting is to readjust the population between Board Member districts so that no member district includes substantially more individual residents than the others. The School Board may make changes during an odd-numbered year.

School Board Districts One through Five would be impacted as those members are elected by the residents in that district. Districts Six and Seven are elected at-large, by residents of the entire county, and would not be impacted.

A special webpage has been established for more information about redistricting at https://www.leeschools.net/cms/One.aspx?portalId=676305&pageId=36478259. Anyone interested in sharing ideas or comments may do so through that site.

Final approval of any new districts is expected on December 7th.