LAMP Renaming Survey

LAMP Renaming Survey
Posted on 07/27/2022
LAMP Renaming Survey

Four potential names have been selected as finalists for the new name of the School District’s Lee Adolescent Program (LAMP). LAMP is looking for a name that more accurately reflects both the mothers and fathers who are enrolled in the program. The finalists in alphabetical order are:

  • Lee Teen Parent Program
  • Parent Education Program
  • Student Education Parent Program
  • Young Parent Education Program

A second survey for students, parents and community members to rank their favorite choice is now available. The survey is open until 6:00pm on Monday, August 1st.

LAMP is a part of the State's Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) which provides child care, transportation, academic, health and social services for teen parents while they are completing their schooling. The District would like community input to develop a name that equitably reflects all teen parents and makes the program easily identifiable and accessible for students.

Once the survey is complete, the Ad Hoc Committee which chose the four finalists from the initial submissions will review the results and make a recommendation to the School Board for approval. The name change will become official once registered with the state.

1.Pick your 1st choice:

2.Pick your 2nd choice:

3.Pick your 3rd choice:

4.Pick your 4th choice: