Lee County School Board Recognized by Florida School Board Association as a Master Board

Lee County School Board Recognized by Florida School Board Association as a Master Board
Posted on 08/22/2020
School Board lined up with District seal

The Lee County School Board is being recognized as a Master Board by the Florida School Board Association. To earn this distinction, a majority of the District’s Board Members and the Superintendent must be present for 20 training hours including a Master Board Forum. The leadership curriculum is designed to offer meaningful learning sessions concentrating on student achievement through the four pillars of the FSBA Governance Model: vision, structure, accountability, and advocacy.

“The work you did together as a leadership team is a testament to your dedication to the communities you represent,” says FSBA Director of Leadership Services Tina Pinkoson. “It is obvious that your priority is being the most effective team possible so that you can positively impact the students in your district.”

The Master Board distinction will remain in effect for the period of time in which school board members with their names on the Master Board Plaque continue to serve as school board members. The Lee County School Board also earned this distinction in 2015 and 2017.

“We are pleased to have accomplished completion of Master Board Training during this challenging time,” says Board Chair Mary Fischer. “We were focused on developing improved skills as a Governance Team as we work to move the district forward and advocate for our students and staff. Education is the economic driver for our community!”

The Master Board Distinction is one of several leadership development programs offered by the Florida School Boards Association to ensure board members obtain well-rounded and thorough understanding of his or her policy-making job responsibilities. More information about all FSBA leadership development offerings and recipients can be found on their website, www.fsba.org.

A plaque is being sent the School Board to recognize their achievement and it will be displayed outside the Board Room. FSBA representatives may attend a future board meeting to make a formal presentation.